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Caseboard is an integrated investigation and case management platform designed to close cases faster through centralized collaboration and time-saving automation.

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Next-Gen Platform

A secure, integrated ecosystem of tools to supercharge law enforcement - not get in the way.

Case Documentation

Create documentation designed for humans, not printing. And when you need that official hard copy, click a button instead of writing your name 20 times.

Enhanced Automation

Reduce keystrokes and clicks through automatic transcription, pre-filled forms, and workflow automation.

Real-time Collaboration

Work together in real-time on your case. No more remembering to email notes over, everything is saved and attached to the case automatically.

Canvass Mode

Conduct interviews and take dynamic notes on-scene with a mobile-first, map-driven approach. All immediately synced back to your case for later review.

Digital Archives

Convert your records room into a fully searchable, integrated, digital archive.

Unified View

Take a wholistic view of your case with notes, timeline, external requests, interviews, and more.

External Agency Support

Send and track the status of requests to external offices with a streamlined, integrated method for those parties to send documentation directly back into your case.


Custom prepared reports to real-time live views - it's your data, view it how you want it.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Caseboard?
Caseboard is a software application designed to support case and investigation management through automated workflows and intelligent computing.
How do I get started?
Complete the form below with a few details so we can get together for an in-depth demo and review. After that we can set you up with a pilot to get your hands on Caseboard.
Does my IT department need to be responsible for running Caseboard?
Caseboard is designed to run as a software service where the day-to-day technical operations are managed by our team. For larger interested departments there is an option to run Caseboard on your own.
Does my team need to learn a new password/account to access Caseboard?
Nope! While you can create separate accounts for Caseboard, we have partnered with a leading identity/authentication platform and encourage connecting to your existing system. One less password to remember while keeping your IT + compliance team happy.
Our department has X other systems we use, will Caseboard work with it?
While not every other system likes to play nice with others, at Caseboard we take advantage of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to make integration as smooth as possible.
Our department has a specific process for X, can Caseboard support this?
While Caseboard does have a robust default feature set, it is also designed to be flexible and configurable, with many of those configurations being controlled by you or your IT department. If there is a more complex use case though we can meet and talk through how it can be integrated.
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